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Tiramarasa who reached the temple  before others alighted
from  his palanquin at a distance of a bow-shot;  and  having
issued  ordi-ra to  arrange the  foot-soldiers,  attendants, horses
uud   elephant*,   i-i   ranks  he proceeded for a short distance
uceoiupauic-d by u lew followers. Then he commanded them to
stop  uatside the enclosure, and entered the precincts of the
tuiu:;l«   alone.   The   Raya   who   observed   the   approach of
Ti;/:aarasa,  covered  himself coiiiyletely with his upper gar-  and feigned  sleep.    Appaji  »tood by his side patiently
with folded hands,  until he  awoke  after a  while  from his
pretended  slumber.    The Raya  men turning towards Appaji,
said : " Why have you come here ?"    Tinimarasa interrupting
him replied.   ;* I went to the palace this morning according to
my custom to inquire whether Your Majesty had awakened from
sleep, having been totally ignorant of Tour Majesty's arrival
here directly from the usual search  of the city last night.    I
was very much grieved to learn from the maids of honour and
the  annagals that  Your Majesty did not return to the palace
from the nocturnal investigations  in the city.   I despatched
spies in all directions •, and on learning from them that Your
Majesty was here, I made up my mind that this incident should
not be made public.   Therefore, I sent letters to inform all
captains and nobles that Your Majesty had started on a hunt
and that they should hasten  with their retainers to join the
expedition.    Further I informed them that according to the
command   which  Your  Majesty had issued at the time of
departure I was hastening to join the hunt.    Is it proper that
Your Majesty should cume in this fashion?    The city would
have beeu  ruined had the people known of this incident; and
ife would have brought disgrace had it reached the ears of
reputed warriors.    An aiiair such as this is quite improper.   Is
it advisable that Your Majesty should embark on such a risky
enterprise and come to this place ?"
Wlica the Raya heard Timmarasa's remonstrance couched
in words which inculcated political wisdom and roused fear, he
u How can such dangers arise wben great